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Thailand is an amazing country with varied culture and interesting traditions which are handed over very carefully from one generation to another. You will see it with your own eyes when you go on sightseeing tours of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Price list for transfer and activities in Bangkok
Not far from the Floating market in Bangkok there is an unusual Chang Puak Farm where you can have fun and enjoy exotic shows.
4.8 (4 reviews)
The gems factory is a hypermarket of jewelries in Bangkok with an area of 7200 sq. m.
4.9 (8 reviews)
The museums comprises a collection of more than 70 figures and their creation doesn’t stop for a minute.
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Here we have collected the most popular tours of Bangkok.
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Wonderful waterfalls, riding an elephant and an ox carriage along the rice fields will create a lot of impressions.
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We will see ancient temples and unique authentic markets, poor slum areas and rich luxurious mansions.
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A boat trip along the Chao Phraya river is a fantastic opportunity to admire the beauty of the capital city from the boat, feed holy fish and clean your karma.
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You can join us in a group and you have a dedicated party professional with you the whole night.
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This tours are a delicious and fun way to explore Bangkok just like a local.
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Want to learn how to cook Thai delicacies? There is a culinary school In Bangkok where you can easily learn the culinary art.
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Here are represented the most interesting tours from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.
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Bangkok Sightseeing Places

Bangkok is a city of contrasts where modern buildings stand together with authentic temples and palaces. With Bangkok City Tour you will see big skyscrapers, temples of incredible beauty and Thai blocks with narrow streets.

The Grand Palace impresses with its beautiful and sophisticated architecture. Everyone must see it!

The tours of Ayutthaya will tell you about the ancient history of Thailand and the main philosophy of the Thai people - Buddhism.

For shopping you can go to both big shopping centers with the world-famous brands and night markets where the locals will surprise you with Thai national dishes. The most unusual place for shopping is a floating market. Today there aren’t many floating markets left and now they are mostly tourist-oriented. Here the Thais sell various souvenirs, coconut ice-cream which is so popular with tourists and fried roti with bananas right from the boats.

A cult of street food exists in Thailand. The Thais buy some food from food carts on their way to work - sweet things made of rice flour and pandan, seafood on skewers, well-known Som Tam and Phad Thai. In the evening they don’t hurry home. First, they go to local markets and Thai cafes to have a meal and meet with close friends and family.

When going on Bangkok Food Tour, you will have a splendid opportunity to learn many new things and taste dishes of Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. These countries had a big effect on the cuisine of Thailand.

You can explore the city on foot, by tuk-tuk or underground or sky trains. But the most exciting way to see the city sights is to go on a biking tour. We will cross the Chao Phraya river with the bicycles and there we will discover a non-tourist Bangkok.

By the way, a trip along the Chao Phraya river is another way to learn more about the city. The river stretches through the biggest part of the city. At the river banks there is famous Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) and Wat Kalayanamit Woramahawihan. To admire the sunset here is an absolute pleasure.

Bangkok doesn’t sleep at night. With Bangkok Night Tours you can experience the nightlife of the capital. You will go to popular bars and nightclubs, enjoy the view of the night megapolis from the rooftop bar.

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