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The nature of Thailand is extremely rich; the zoos and gardens of Bangkok make a wonderful opportunity to have a closer look at the wildlife.

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Meeting point is Chang Puak Village in Bangkok
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Bangkok Zoo

For the lovers of flora and fauna, visiting Bangkok Safari World and Marine Park is a must. It is one of the largest safari parks in Asia; its territory is divided into two parts - Safari Park and Marine Park. For many animals in Safari Park conditions are created similar to their natural habitat. Driving through the park, you will meet tigers, lions, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, elephants and other animals. In the morning you can become a spectator of the fascinating process of feeding predators. Also, a variety of animal shows await you at the zoo. One of the tourists’ most favorite places is the alley of giraffes, where you can feed these graceful animals straight from your hands.

Walking through Marine Park you will see the water animals. You will watch amazing shows with dolphins, seals, otters and others.

Excursion to Safari World and Marine Park is a wonderful choice for a family trip, because it will be interesting to both adults and children.

You can enjoy interacting with animals in Chang Puak farm as well. It is located near Thailand’s most famous Damnoen Saduak floating market. Guests of Chang Puak Farm are greeted by popular movie characters. The park offers a diversity of entertainments such as monkey or crocodile shows, bumper boat riding, archery and other. Here you will also meet the tribe of long-necked women of Karen, visit a sheep farm, and a tiger park. In Chang Puak, you have an option of not just riding elephants, but also of feeding them, watching a show with their participation, and even swimming with them. Swimming with an elephant is surely one of the most popular and positive entertainments for adults and children. For those who get hungry, there is a restaurant in Chang Puak offering wonderful dishes of Thai cuisine.

You can plunge into the underwater world and get to know its inhabitants better in Sea Life Ocean World. It is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. In the oceanarium you will see fish of various kinds and sizes, among them are jellyfish, rays and sharks. In the Ocean World, you can also meet penguins and otters; you will be able not only to watch the marine inhabitants, but also feed them, order diving with sharks, or take an underwater walk (Ocean Walker) wearing special equipment.

Bangkok is an amazing city! Along with skyscrapers and ultra modern facilities, here you can also explore a lot of nature and enjoy watching and interacting with the animal world.