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Bangkok is known not only for shopping centers, temples and places of worship but also for entertaining evening shows. Thais greatly treasure and respect their history and customs, which is why many shows present to the audience the cultural traditions of Thailand and show scenes about the significant events of the past. With all the authenticity of Thai culture, part of it, however, was created under the cultural influence of the neighboring Asian countries - Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Korea, and China.

What to do in Bangkok at Night

In the Siam Niramit show, you can see dances of people from different Asian countries. The actors are dressed in colorful costumes with a fantastic design. Siam Niramit impresses with its wondrous installations, like, for example, a real rain or alive river right on the stage. The performance will appeal to both adults and children. Before watching the show, you can walk through the Siam Niramit Park. Here you can take a trip to the past of Thailand, get acquainted with the lifestyle of locals who lived many years ago, watch an outdoor dance performance, and purchase some gifts at souvenir shops. There is also a restaurant where you will enjoy a luxury buffet-style dinner with a wide variety of Thai and international dishes.

You can also enjoy Thai national dishes at the Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre & The Art of Thai Cuisine, combining an exquisite dinner with watching a theatrical performance. Guests of the theatre can choose from different types of set menus, including vegetarian.

The most distinctive evening show in Bangkok is Nanta Show, which came to Thailand from Korea. This is an absolutely fascinating culinary show featuring unusual chefs. They demonstrate their skills in cooking Thai national dishes, accompanying it with dancing and doing acrobatic tricks. Even if you don’t like cooking much, you will not be bored by this show even for a moment. The acting skills and physical shape of the performers make the audience admire the play from the beginning till the very end. Many funny episodes will make you smile. Although it is forbidden to take photographs during the show, once it is finished, you can take a picture with actors.

Still wondering what to do in the evening in Bangkok? Visit an evening show - a wonderful way to have fun and get a lot of vivid impressions!