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Visa Services in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
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Bangkok Visa Service

It’s easy to extend or get a Thai Visa in Bangkok

Looking for Thai visa service in Bangkok? Our service is useful for those who need to make visa run or border run from Bangkok or another visa services.

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Vikram Chauhan   (21.02.2023 18:29)
I want to go to Thailand but I am ban as I have overstayed my visa so is the you can help me getting into Thailand and when my holiday finish to get out planning for 15-20 days
I have got a new passport
And I am a British citizen

John Lee   (20.03.2020 06:46)
Hi there, may I ask if you chat on LINE or WECHAT or TELEGRAM ? I have a live enquiry thanks

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (30.03.2020 20:44)
Hello, we have telegram, you can see all our contacts here

toru nishida   (19.03.2020 01:41)
This is my first VISA RUN.
I enter Thailand by non-VISA and extend 30days at immigration onetime.
My nationality is Japan.
Is it possible to join the VISA RUN service?
BTW, This was my first time to visit Thailand.

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (30.03.2020 20:45)
Hello, now all borders are temporarily closed. In Pattaya we can offer visa extension service without leaving of Thailand.

Daisy   (11.03.2020 19:51)
Hello dear, I am Nigerian.
Could you pleases help me to get a tourist visa extend in Thailand for 30 days , 60 days or 90 days?
If is possible or not for me, pleases contact or maybe reply me back. It is very important to me....pleases

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (16.03.2020 14:37)
Hello, Daisy, Nigerian people have to get visa in the consulate in own country.

Coppola   (24.11.2019 11:53)
Thanks for the visa service to the Myanmar boarder from Bangkok, yesterday. Driver was great and it was nice to see Claudio Mattioli greeting us there in the morning as both did a great job and it was successful and enjoyable.

Best Regards

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (01.12.2019 18:46)
Dear Coppola, we are glad to be useful, thank you for your review.

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (23.01.2020 02:07)
Dear Coppola, we offer the trip to Laos from Bangkok to get new visa. For Non immigration visa you have to prepare some documents by yourself.

Cindy Schenk   (31.07.2019 18:24)
Hello. We are two south Africans looking to go on a Visa run to burma Myanmar and I'm wondering do we stay over night? Do u provide accommodation if we do or do we need to book our own hotel? Does your company only sort out the border and transportation?

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (01.12.2019 18:46)
Hello, Cindy, we can book only transfer to the border with Myanmar.

Mariia   (30.07.2019 14:02)
Hello. I want to take second student visa in Laos/savannakhet. Is it possible to go with you?

Paul   (24.06.2019 08:14)

Im going to thailand to work and I was advised to get a Non-B visa at Laos or also known as Visa Run. What requirements do I need to prepare to get Non-B visa? Thanks

Olga_Online-Bangkok   (25.06.2019 16:56)
Hi, at first your employer have to provide for you next documents: company letter addre to Thai consulate in Laos, original approvement letter fo department of labor with the date, company registration with shareholders listing, company employment contract, comopany accounting proof.

ivy gundayao   (21.05.2019 22:11)
How much is visa together with ticket? Or is there any package for tour? How much?

Matthew_Online-Bangkok   (07.06.2019 07:57)
Dear Ivy Gundayao, price depends on the visa type you choose. You can see all the descriptions and prices on the same page.

Olga   (18.05.2019 16:29)
Thank you for your support 24/7, we have got new stamp, really good service.

Matthew_Online-Bangkok   (07.06.2019 07:57)
You're welcome. We are glad that you've enjoyed our service. 
Thank you for choosing us.

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