Bangkok guide

Bangkok guide

In order to spend unforgettable holidays, to see everything or almost everything, dine in the most interesting restaurants and choose the best place where to stay in Bangkok it is better to prepare in advance and make your own Bangkok Guide. Useful tips for traveling around Bangkok will help to avoid many troubles and waste of time. Indeed, there are so many interesting things in the City of Angels, that you will definitely want to come here again and again!


To travel around the city by yourself, you should study the structure of the city: districts and the main streets. But be careful, transportation in Bangkok is quite different from ours: tuk-tuks, the BTS Sky Train, underground, boat transport and funny long city buses with no glass at all drive along the city. Traffic jams are also often here.

Bangkok Attractions

The city has thousands of attractions, interesting places and sights. Even the most experienced tourist will not get bored here. The most famous sights of the city are the Grand Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). In addition to this, there are about 400 temples and monasteries, more than 20 palaces, 1000 museums and exhibition halls! Probably there is no such citizen in Thailand who has visited all these places. To see as much as possible, you can book a sightseeing tour at our website.


If you have some free time you can go on shopping, it is very popular form of entertainment in Bangkok. Read the article about the best places for shopping in Bangkok here and learn about all the features of shopping in the capital. Bangkok markets including floating ones also deserve special attention.

Food in Bangkok

Every tourist should definitely taste national cuisine, you can buy tasty Thai dishes even at the street tents. Do not be afraid, 10 million people eat such food every day and they live to the age of 100 years old. Street food is very tasty and cheap! Most cafes and bars with street food are located in the Sukhumvit District. Those who would also like to learn the basics of cooking Thai national dishes, can visit a cookery master class.


After a delicious dinner it is a good idea to take a walk! Bangkok is world famous for its entertainments and fun, you should visit the local parks. The best entertainment parks work for you 7 days a week: Siam Park, which includes water park and attractions, and the famous Thai Disneyland - Dream World Park. These famous parks are nominees of the Guinness Book of Records!

In addition to these parks, you should definitely include in your itinerary Safari Park and the kingdom of underwater inhabitants - the Siam Ocean World. Such walk you will remember for your whole life!

Bangkok is such an interesting and amazing city that it is impossible to see all its places in one visit, each time it gets more and more interesting! Experienced tourists say that if you manage to feel the spirit of the city, Bangkok will remain in your hearts forever!

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