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Renting a luxury transport in Bangkok

Luxury transport in Bangkok

Bangkok is a very hectic city with crowded streets, numerous markets and noisy roads. The City of Angels is an interesting and unique place which you should definitely visit. Famous sights of Bangkok attract tourists from all over the world. Although this chaos is interesting in its own way, sometimes you may get tired of it. So you can add a little luxury and staying in the city will be much more pleasant. For example, you can rent a luxury transport and discover the city from the other side.

Luxury cars

Limousine rental in Bangkok offers a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from old cars to luxury vans which can quickly and safely deliver you to any place in the city. The price depends on the distance and type of vehicle and usually starts from 1 500 THB.

Travelers can also enjoy the ride in the majestic London black taxi in Bangkok. The world-famous black cab offers a service of delivering passengers from the airports and some five stars hotels. The cost of such pleasure depends on the distance. For example the fare from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Silomo is about 1500 - 2000 THB.

One more option to get to any place in Bangkok with comfort is to order Bangkok Taxi Service at our website.

Luxury flights

Not so long ago it seemed that only very wealthy people could afford to hire a helicopter in Bangkok. Renting a helicopter today is not only for VIP people, but also for people who like bright impressions and are ready to try new attractions. Air taxi service is also a good alternative to get to many places around Bangkok which provides safe, fast, and traffic-free riding. Don’t forget about amazing views of the city from the height. Many tourist agencies offer different helicopter tours. Starting from Don Muang Airport, the routes include visiting most of the sights around Bangkok.

Water rides

Due to its tropical climate, there are good year-round opportunities to go on a boat trip for sea-lovers in Thailand. The best period to rent a boat is from November to April. The average temperature during this period is 30 degrees and winds blow from the northeast. Navigation will seem easy even to a novice sailor, so you can be sure that during sea cruises you will not get into trouble. Bangkok is located in the center of the country, relatively close to the coast of the South China Sea. So you can rent a yacht and go on a real sea voyage. The cost of yacht charter in Bangkok depends on the type of boat, the presence of the captain and crew and the rental period.

You can also go boating without leaving Bangkok by going on a tour along the Chao Phraya River. This beautiful waterway runs through the heart of Thailand and then flows into the Gulf of Thailand. During Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise you can see all the beauties of the river and its banks and visit several main sights of the Thai capital. Great Buddhist temples, green parks, bridges, huge skyscrapers, traditional Thai houses, royal palace, museums and many other sights. It will be especially beautiful to float along the Chao Phraya river during the sunset. A lot of lights and national music creates an unusually romantic atmosphere.

Luxury transport rental in Bangkok will bring new feelings and exclusivity to your trip. Such ride will give a lot of bright impressions for the whole life.

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