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Safari World Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
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Safari World in Bagkok

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Safari World is an open zoo with a territory of more than 250 hectares, where favourable living conditions close to natural are created for different animals. The variety of fauna representatives is impressive! The park is divided into theme zones: Safari Park, Marine Park, Bird Park, Eggs World.

Prices and options of packages

Bangkok Safari World

Safari Park

This is a park with an open territory without any cages or pens. From a window of the bus or your own transport you will see bengal tigers, lions, bears, camels, buffalos, elephants very close to you. The wild animals are not afraid of cars. So, a zebra or an elephant might cross the road right in front of your transport and you will have to stop and wait until the animal satisfies its curiosity while watching you. Every day at about 10:00 a.m. predator animals are being fed. You mustn’t miss it!

Marine Park

In Marine Park there is a zoo with cages and pens with various animals from all over the world and a water park with sea creatures.

Even a polar bear lives here. There is a thermohouse with a refrigerator unit which maintains low temperatures. There is always snow there.

You can watch different shows: elephant show, orangutan show, bird show, stunt show which take place several times a day. Both children and adults will like a Giraffe Terrace where you can watch, pet and feed giraffes. Feeding giraffes is very entertaining. Their long tongues can reach for the food in your hands even if you step a little farther.

There is also a dolphinarium with sea animals that will show an amazing performance. Fur seals will demonstrate their dancing skills and dolphins will perform stunts which demand great training and preparation and unbelievable dexterity.

You will get the timetable of the shows at the cashier office together with your tickets. Each show lasts about 20 minutes.

For some extra money you can go on a boat trip in the river among the jungles where crocodiles live. The price for River Safari Ride is 390 baht.

Eggs World and Bird Park

Eggs World demonstrates the life cycle of birds - from an egg to an adult bird. There is a parrot incubator and a big cage with parrots. As soon as you walk into that cage, you will be immediately surrounded by dozens of colourful birds.You can feed the birds from your hands. You can buy seeds by the cage.

Description of packages

Safari Park and Marine Park in Bangkok

The timetable of the animals show

Show Mon - Fri Sat - Sun
Orangutang 10:20 10:20 / 15:45
Sea Lion 11:00 11:00 / 16:15
Stunt 11:40 11:00 / 16:40
Dolphin 13:45 13:45
Spywar 14:45 14:45
Bird 15:45 11:00 / 15:45

We recommend to bring with you:

Sunscreen, a hat, a photo camera, some extra money for animals food and other entertainments. Your footwear should be comfortable.

Working hours:

09:00 - 17:00 on weekdays; 09:00 - 17:30 at weekends.

Location Bangkok Safari World

Safari World is situated outside the city. You can get there by taxi.

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Hello, i want to ask if there is a ride with elefants.. My daughter wants to ride an elefant, is it possible?

I just want to ask is there any time slot for tiger milk feeding and any extra cost for that

Hi can i take a ticket from safari gate?? Is this package include a safari truck or any vehical ???

Hi...can I ask daughter is 3 year old...but she is below 100cm...did she need ticket...

Hi, if  the height of child is below 100 cm, can be free of charge.

my kid is under 100cm 3 year old need ticket ?

Yes, Grace, you have to book a child ticket.

Is this package includes guide or not ?

Dear Aanal Shah, no, this tour doesn't include guide. You don't need one.

Can you please let me know how much time will it take to complete this package: Safari world and Marine park with Lunch.

Dear Sabyasachi Patra, Safari World is open from 9 am till 5 pm and you can visit it at any time you want, and spend there as much time as you need.

May I know the safari world was located at which district? Is the location impacted with the air pollution - toxic smog.

Hello, Sally, Safari world is situated in the green area of  Bangkok -  Khwaeng Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khet Khlong Sam Wa, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon.

I want to buy ticket for Safari and Marine Park for 5 Jan .
Is there any information for best rate .???

Is there any transporation from Partunam area ????

Please check and let me know .

Best Regards,
Abdul Raoof @Kyaw Khaing Oo

Hello, Kyaw, you can see all rates at this page, we provide the best prices. We can offer the private taxi to Safari World, the cost of it is 800 THB for one way (sedan).

I am trying to book online safari park+marine park trip for 12-12-2018. But it gives an error. Unable to book one day in advance. What to do?

Dear V Susheela Devi, for booking please contact us any convenient way:

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