Life in Bangkok

How do they live in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a mysterious city which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its bright lights. Tourists come here to visit the main sights and entertainments, so that to spend great time and have fun. However, visiting of tourists attractions cannot show the real life in Bangkok. In our article we will tell about the life of the locals and how they live in Bangkok.

What to do in Bangkok?

The main distinguishing feature of Bangkok is its multinationality. You can meet people of different nationalities in the streets including the Thais, the Taiwanese, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the Chinese and representatives of other countries who once came here and decided to stay for a long time.

In many ways, the life of the Thais is similar to ours. They study in schools, and then go to universities to get a profession. Wealthy residents send their children to study abroad, poor residents mainly from small villages can have only school education.

Many people come to Bangkok from small towns and villages to earn money. Most jobs in Bangkok are in tourism sector such as cooking street food, trading in markets, working in cafes, restaurants, salons, as well as running their own business (for example, opening guest houses or shops). As Bangkok is a tourist center, there is a constant flow of tourists with money, so the services of local workers will always be in demand.

The Thais have to work very hard to succeed, but they always look happy and it seems that they know how to enjoy life.

How do they relax?

Many people think that all Thais spend a lot of time in temples. In fact, this is more common for older generation. After work young people prefer to relax in the company of friends in a cafe or bar. However, here young people are very respectful of elders and always listen to the opinions of their parents.

Despite the fact that Thailand is a tourist center, the Thais also love to travel. Locals mostly choose for travel nearby Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, China and Japan. The Thais believe that there is good atmosphere and delicious national dishes in these countries.

Many tourists are curious about the young looks of the locals. A woman in her 40s can often look like a 25 year old girl. The residents believe that the secret of their youth is that they have favorable climate with high humidity and always warm weather. They also love to take care of their skin using various creams and masks. Maybe it’s worth visiting the Thai cosmetic stores and buy a couple of products.

Of course, there are some differences between our life and life in Bangkok, as we have different climate, religion and geographic location. However, nothing is given for free even in such a paradise, here you also need to make a lot of effort to achieve a success.

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